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Key Points Why .Net Core from My View.

.Can be Developed and Deployed on Various Environment (Windows, Linux, macOS) .Smaller Application Size. .Cost-saving by hosting on Linux (cross-platform) .Performance .Container ready .Azure ready .Completely open-source on Github .runs on raspberry pi .Dependency injection .Logging built-in .Changing app config application won't restart .Ready for MicroService Architecture .Grpc Support .Developing Desktop Application (Windows Only)  .C# 8.0 .Good Support for Client-Side Application React, Angular, Vue JS

Saineshwar Bageri - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Saineshwar Bageri Eureka Moment

Saineshwar Bageri is an evangelist, tech blogger and a technologist. He has contributed 200+ tech articles and 32+ Github projects. He has been awarded as Microsoft's most valuable professional, given to very few notable contributors around the world. Saineshwar profile MVP profile Github contribution Eureka Moment captures the journey and the exciting stories of New Age Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Artists, Promoters and Philanthropists. It also highlights the interesting moments of their lives which shaped their future. If you or your accomplice wants to share their startup/ business/ initiative story then feel free to write to us at Also, please Subscribe, Share and Like for more videos. Subscrib

Angular 7 Project


ASP.NET CORE Renders View Faster

Ticket Application ASP.NET CORE  vs  ASP.NET MVC  Share your feedback. ASP.NET CORE ASP.NET MVC 5 Credentials  User Login Login:- user Password: 1234567 Admin Login Login:- admin Password: 1234567 Agent Login Login:- agents Password: 1234567

Ticketing System

Demo of Ticketing System.