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Creating Simple Cascading DropDownList In ASP.NET Core MVC With New Tag Helpers

Topic Database part Creating application Installing Package for Entity framework core From NuGet Adding Connection string and Setting up DbContext Adding Category, SubCategory, MainProduct Model in Models Folder Adding DbSet for Category, SubCategory, and MainProduct Model in DatabaseContext class Adding Controller [DemoController] Getting Data from Database using Entity framework core. Adding View [index.cshtml] Binding Category Dropdownlist using new Tag helper Adding SubCategory and Product Dropdownlist to index.cshtml View Adding SubCategory and GetProducts Action Method to Demo Controller Adding Jquery reference on View and Default items in drop-down list Binding SubCategory and Product drop-down list with jquery Ajax Adding Index Action method for handling post request and getting selected values Saving and Run Application Read Entire Article on below link :-

Binding Dropdown List With Database In ASP.NET Core MVC

We are going to learn little things on how to setup Entity Framework Core in .NET Core Web Application. Developers coming from a background of ASP.NET MVC will find it easy to work with ASP.NET Core MVC. If you are new to .NET Core read these articles to kickstart your .NET Core knowledge:    Topic    Database part.    Creating an Application.    Installing package for an Entity Framework Core From NuGet.    Adding the Connection string and Setting up DbContext.    Adding Model CountryMaster in Models Folder.    Adding DbSet for CountryMaster Model in DatabaseContext class.    Adding Controller.    Getting Data from the database, using Entity Framework Core.    Adding View.    Binding Dropdownlist, using new Tag helper.

Securing ASP.NET Web API using Custom Token Based Authentication

In modern era of development we use web API for various purpose for sharing data, or for binding grid, drop-down list, and other controls, but if we do not secure this API then other people who are going access your web application or service can misuse it in some or other way and also we are into era of client-side framework (JavaScript, Angular js, react js, express js, common js..Etc) if you are using one of these client-side frameworks then you are using web service or web API it is true for getting or posting data to server and been on client side is less secure you need to add extra efforts to secure it. In this article we are going to learn that extra part, the process of securing Web API begins with registering process in this part we are first going to register a user, after user registration next user who is registered is going to login into application, after login into application User need to register a company which is going to use this service, after company registrati

How to Use Grunt with ASP.NET Core MVC

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Grunt.js to minify & uglify (JavaScript, cascading style sheets, Images and HTML) and to configure Task Runner Explorer in ASP.NET Core MVC. Read Entire Article on below link  :-

How to Use Gulp with ASP.NET Core MVC

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Gulp.js to minify & uglify (JavaScript, cascading style sheets and HTML) and to configure Task Runner Explorer in ASP.NET Core MVC. Read Entire Article on below link   :-  

Securing ASP.NET Web API when consumed by other .NET Application

In this article we are going to have a look on how to secure WEBAPI. Nowadays every developer can create API but few developers think of securing it. API are URI based which are easy to consume as anyone who knows this URI can misuse it, because we do not have any authentication on it and also we are not checking if the user who is sending request is valid or not. Most payment gateways companies have their API toolkit which they provide for securing their API in that they register Client [Person / Company] who is going to implement Payment gateways. After that they provide you keys for encryption to send Request in encrypted format such that if someone intercepts it, they still will not able to read what real data is traveling in wires. Read Entire Article on below link