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Performing CRUD Operation with Dapper ( Open Source ORM from Stack Overflow) in MVC

Whats is Dapper? Dapper.NET is an Open-Source, lightweight ORM developed by the developers of Stack Overflow. They develop this ORM keeping performance in Mind. Dapper is authored by Sam Saffron of Stack Overlfow. One of Common things which is required by most of application is accessing data from relational database. If we are using three layered Architecture that we Use Data access layer (DAL) for getting records from database and Perfoming various CRUD operation. If we are using Entity FrameWork (ORM) Object relationship and mapping then we are using Dbcontext for Creating Connection and getting records from database. Now we are going to see more simple way of access data from Database Using open source ORM called Dapper. It is Easy to use and write as compare to Entity framework. Here is link visit this site and learn dapper ORM .  And Also in Performa