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Securing ASP.NET CORE Web API using Custom API Key based Authentication

In this article, we are going to learn how to create a secure Web API in ASP.NET Core MVC. Link to Complete Article with source code:- In the fast-growing era of Web technology, everything is changing too fast. With ASP.NET there was a time when we used to use web service (the .asmx ones), which was SOAP-based, which we can just use for consuming data from other applications, which did have that much of security in it. Most developers would take Username and Password Parameter as input and then they would allow to access web service. As time passes, Microsoft came up with WCF which was secured but too complex to use. Further, Microsoft came up with something new called as Web API which we can use by creating ASP.NET MVC application or directly ASP.NET Web API application which was lighter and easy to use. But moving further, Microsoft introduces ASP.NET Core which is li