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Binding Dropdown List With Database In ASP.NET Core MVC

We are going to learn little things on how to setup Entity Framework Core in .NET Core Web Application. Developers coming from a background of ASP.NET MVC will find it easy to work with ASP.NET Core MVC.

If you are new to .NET Core read these articles to kickstart your .NET Core knowledge: 


  1.    Database part.
  2.    Creating an Application.
  3.    Installing package for an Entity Framework Core From NuGet.
  4.    Adding the Connection string and Setting up DbContext.
  5.    Adding Model CountryMaster in Models Folder.
  6.    Adding DbSet for CountryMaster Model in DatabaseContext class.
  7.    Adding Controller.
  8.    Getting Data from the database, using Entity Framework Core.
  9.    Adding View.
  10.    Binding Dropdownlist, using new Tag helper.
  11.    Adding Index Action method to handle POST request and getting the selected values.
  12.    Saving and running an Application.

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