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Creating Simple Cascading DropDownList In ASP.NET Core MVC With New Tag Helpers

  1. Database part
  2. Creating application
  3. Installing Package for Entity framework core From NuGet
  4. Adding Connection string and Setting up DbContext
  5. Adding Category, SubCategory, MainProduct Model in Models Folder
  6. Adding DbSet for Category, SubCategory, and MainProduct Model in DatabaseContext class
  7. Adding Controller [DemoController]
  8. Getting Data from Database using Entity framework core.
  9. Adding View [index.cshtml]
  10. Binding Category Dropdownlist using new Tag helper
  11. Adding SubCategory and Product Dropdownlist to index.cshtml View
  12. Adding SubCategory and GetProducts Action Method to Demo Controller
  13. Adding Jquery reference on View and Default items in drop-down list
  14. Binding SubCategory and Product drop-down list with jquery Ajax
  15. Adding Index Action method for handling post request and getting selected values
  16. Saving and Run Application
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