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Creating Simple API In Node.js

Creating Simple API In Node.js

In this article, we are going to learn how to create a simple API in node js and use MS SQL as a data source on which we are going to perform CRUD operations.

This article will be written so that both a beginner and a professional can easily understand it.

Before starting with creating API let’s understand basics.

What is Node js?

An Open source, Cross-platform, and runtime environment for executing javascript code outside the browser.
What can we build using it?

We can build Web apps and APIS using node js.
Why node.js if we already have other frameworks?

It is super-fast and highly scalable e.g. PayPal, Uber, Netflix
Build twice as fast with fewer people
33% fewer lines of code
40% fewer files
2x request/sec
35% faster response
The open source library has a large ecosystem.

Javascript is everywhere (front + back).

You can write an entire application using javascript, no need to learn a new language.

  • Node js is installed [Download node js ]
  • Next, we are going to use Visual Studio Code IDE for Development [ ]
  • SQL Server Database